Diagnosis day…


Yesterday Sonia was diagnosed with having EPM and hypothyroid disease. She tested a 0.2 on her thyroid blood work when the norm is between 2.0–5.0! She started her Thyro-L supplement yesterday morning as well, to try and combat the low thyroid problem. This would also explain her lethargy and general dopey demeanor. I am sure the summer heat is not helping her either. However, being the picky eater that she is, she refuses to eat powders, so we have to lace her powder with corn oil or apple sauce in order for her to want to eat it. If she doesn’t, it will end up at the bottom of her feed bucket and forgotten. This can’t happen because now this supplement is very important in maintaining her health.

Sonia’s EPM diagnosis wasn’t that big of a surprise but it was one I did not want to see realized. She lost a lot of muscle from the end of winter and no matter what we did to try to help build her back up, the muscling never came. Her appetite was fine, she was riding and working fine, and did not have any bad attitudes (beyond her normal one.. lol). She does not have any un-coordination, she is able to be ridden, and does not show any neurological problems. The only tip off was the muscle wasting. I kept my fingers crossed for her condition being related simply to the low thyroid, but low and behold, it was both, and one hand feeds the other, so this is where we are today.

I decided to start a little journal/blog about her progress from the diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Hopefully it will shed some insight on the conditions, watch the changes of her body and hopefully make a recovery.

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Here are the starting images, taken yesterday after the vet’s phone call and after her bubble bath. She was all muddy… and we can’t have that for pictures!


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