Marquis – day one.


Sonia got her ‘starter’ tube of the Marquis EPM medicine today. What I mean by this is someone I know (who is a vet, mind you, and the same person who ordered me the Marquis – for lower cost, too!) had one full tube left from a different horse and she let me have this tube while I wait for my own full box to come in. It doesn’t expire ’til next year, so I was so happy to start her treatment earlier than I thought! I was pretty shocked at how HUGE the tubes are, but if it’s one tube a week, so be it. I have decided to administer her myself every day so I can be sure she is getting the correct dose properly every day. Sometimes if you leave it up to others you never know if she gets the correct dose or if it was missed one day, etc. This way, I will be sure. Around 12pm today I gave Sonia her first dose of Marquis. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the cure-all after the 4 weeks is over and we can leave this EPM business behind us.

I cannot get over how expensive this stuff is. It’s especially hard since I was laid off of work in June and have not been able to find anything since. Unemployment is holding me over but I’d like to go back to making what I was making before, thank you. I know some people have had to administer several treatments of Marquis before it works fully, so I hope this one treatment is it for her.

The other day I had her turned out in the indoor arena so she could do whatever she wanted alone. She was bucking around and galloping around with no issues. I took a video of her escapades in the indoor arena. I was mainly watching for any missteps, weakness or losing her footing through any tight turns and couldn’t see any problems. Looks like right now it’s still just loss of muscle/weight that the EPM is manifesting as.

As you can see from the above video, she is acting just fine neurologically. Please excuse her dirty coat but look at her move and her silly antics, she was feeling great! Yesterday she was extremely lethargic and slobbering (clover slobbers, I suspect) so I let her just rest. Today I rode her and only did a few laps around the outdoor ring trotting both directions, lots of walking on a loose rein and cantering half way around the arena one time, both directions. She was pretty steady and spunky during our half hour ride. I don’t want to ride her hard because of how she has no muscle… imagine trying to carry some weight if you had no muscle. When I was riding her, I looked back at her rump and you can really see the loss of muscle back there. It was depressing. The vet said to do light work with her if she feels up to it, so this will be our life the next 4 weeks, then it’s back to muscle building. I’ve had her on SmartMuscle Mass by SmartPak since the beginning of May to try to build her muscle up, so I hope this will kick in! She is also on SmartFlex III Ultra pellets by SmartPak to help her joints during this hard time. I think I will just keep her on it after this is all said and done. It’s beneficial for her – sickness or not. I also ordered Vitamin E & Selenium pellets by SmartPak to be added into her SmartPaks to help aid her recovery. The Vitamin E and Selenium will come next month in her paks since I just received my current shipment and I was too late to add them in before they shipped out.

Sonia acting lethargic on July 26, 2011

She is also doing well on her Thyro-L supplement, there is definitely some more spunk in her attitude since she’s started it. A few people at different times have told me that she doesn’t look so “ribby.” I am noticing though that her grain appetite is not so hot over the past few days, though. Since she won’t eat the Thyr0-L plain as a powder, I got some corn oil to wet it so it adheres to her grain. This worked for a few days, but now she’s not eating it much anymore. I suspect she is on to my trickery. I will either try molasses or chunky apple sauce to get her to eat it. I hate how she is so picky when it comes to eating things.

At the end of it all, I am hoping the Marquis is going to restore her to normalcy and we can go back to a normal life.

One day down… 27 more to go on this medicine.


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