Marquis – day six.


I’ve been noticing lately that Sonia is looking a little more bony and thin than before we started the Marquis. I am hoping this is the “die-off” period and that the medication is working. Sort of a “worse before it gets better” thing maybe? I’ve been reading that some people notice their horses get worse on Marquis just a little bit before they get better and this is caused by the die-off of the S. Neurona protozoa in her system.  I am keeping my fingers cross that this is what it is. I hope when we hit the 10-day mark she will start to show some progress and start looking more normal. I just can’t afford another Marquis treatment if this one doesn’t work… but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Sonia has been in very light work since starting Marquis 6 days ago per our vet’s directions. She has been ridden twice, one on a short walking trail ride and once in the outdoor ring doing a few laps of trot and a lap of canter both directions. We did a trail ride yesterday with a friend and she was great. Still no signs of neurological issues but the muscle wasting is very apparent and this is making me decide not to ride her until she starts really showing some improvement. We will still stick to light ground work for now.

I have been going up every day around the same time each day and administering the Marquis myself. This is working out for me because I know what she’s getting. However, the instance of the Thyro-L medication… she is so picky. We have resorted to soaking her grain and supplements/Thyro-L into a mash and feeding it this way. It’s working, she’s eating it without any issue. Picky eater indeed.

I took more pictures of her the other day (July 30th) to chart her progress some more. It’s hard for me to see any improvement since I see her every day. What do you think?


Sometimes I walk into the barn and hope to see a completely fixed horse that is a normal weight, completely muscled and happy again. It is so depressing to see her this way and yet she still goes on as if she is not sick. Must be a mare thing – stoic, proud and doesn’t let on to anything until physical things start to surface. This is so frustrating. I just want her to go back to the way she was before this all went down. Since getting the Thyro-L, she has gotten a bit more spunky, maybe a bit too spunky. 😉

I am going to remove the SmartMuscle Mass supplements from her SmartPaks and replace it with Vitamin E & Selenium pellets in it’s place. This is a way to help fight off the EPM infection, etc. and to save me a few bucks in the meantime. At this point the muscle building supplements aren’t doing anything for her anyway and they haven’t really been since May because of the EPM. Why pay for something that isn’t really serving a purpose at the moment? I can always switch her back on to it when she goes back into steady work, but when… that is is not 100%  known yet.

Onward and upward.


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