I think she looks better… maybe?

I was really looking at Sonia today after we did a bit of side-rein lungeing and after her bath. I think she may be getting a bit more fat. Possibly due to the sweet feed that she is on, but either way, hoping this is the beginning of the road to recovery.  Here are some pictures from today in the gallery above. It’s so hard to notice slight changes when you see your horse every day.

Today was not her day. After her bath, I brought her in to give her her daily dose of Marquis. Well, she was NOT having it! She locked her jaw, and once I was able to get past it, she threw up her head and the tube went flying. Only a little bit of the medicine came out. After a slight attitude adjustment, she took her normal dose with minimal upset. I guess I would be feeling like that if someone gave me nasty tasting medicine every day. Can’t blame her, but I am so glad only a little bit was lost.

I left the barn for a few hours after that to meet some ladies from the barn for lunch. I had to cut my time there short because I had to get back to the barn for Sonia’s farrier appointment. Just for haha’s, in the above gallery is an image from a few hours ago when she was getting her shoes reset. You can really see how boney she is here just by having the farrier lift her right hind leg and place it on the stand for him to trim.

I know I keep hoping for miracles when I walk into the barn. Hopefully hers will come soon.


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