I had a surprise visit today while I was at the barn this morning giving Sonia her daily dose of Marquis when our vet’s assistant came in looking for Sonia. Turns out they stopped by to look at her and see how she’s being now that it’s been a few weeks now. He said she’s MUCH better and to finish out ALL tubes of Marquis and she should be good to go after this. He said her muscling and body quality is much better and will continue to improve on the sweet feed and Marquis. He said the way she looks is basically what recovery looks like. She is definitely down the road to recovery!

Yes, she still looks a bit slim, but she is nowhere near where she used to be. This is good news for her! He also said that once the Marquis is done and we used the very last dose, she can go down to one scoop of Thyro-L medication instead of two. More good news there! Let’s keep it up!


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