MRA Mi Shaphiyr and owner, Lauren Bousquet

MRA Mi Shaphiyr, better known to her friends as “Sonia”, was born May 29, 1999 at Mi Ramblin Arabians farm in Garfield, Minnesota. She was born jet black in color with a white star on her forehead. After a few weeks, Sonia began to shed her black coat for a grey one. She spent the earlier part of her life as a trail horse. Later becoming a broodmare, she bore two babies – one little girl in 2005 and one little boy in 2006, both with the same sire.

Financial troubles of her previous owners in 2005-2006 caused Sonia to move from Minnesota to Massachusetts where she spent her days as part of the herd in the field. Her current owner, Lauren, began working with her and saw real potential and decided to purchase her in September of 2006.

Sonia began her training ¬†immediately to work off the “baby weight” and learned quickly. She participated in her first show in the summer of 2007 and ended up winning some great ribbons. She has shown almost every year since then, usually winning ribbons in her classes.

In April of 2011, Sonia began losing weight and muscle steadily and was having issues putting it back on. After a dose of Panacur Power Pak, upping her grain intake and providing supplements to get her back into shape – to no avail – the vet was called to assess her situation. On July 20, 2011, Sonia was diagnosed with low thyroid and Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis, or EPM.

This blog was created to document Sonia’s progress from before treatment to after treatment.

Sonia with her mom JD Enchantress. She is starting to turn grey here.


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  1. We at Pathogenes Inc. have been working on diagnostic tools and vaccines for EPM for over ten years, since I got a PhD in molecular biology with a focus on EPM! This is a pretty exciting time because we understand a lot more about Sarcocystis neurona and the pathology of EPM than we did back then. In fact, we have a good vaccine that should be available soon. Our rapid stall side assay that detects phenotypes and drug resistant strains is weeks from launching. Just 2 months ago we found a new drug that is showing terriffic efficacy in horses with EPM. So far 96% of the horses are improving quickly. The stratgey we use is to make sure they don’t relapse and test to know where we are with the disease. We welcome you to call us, check out all our research at and follow all our progress at

    Call us, we are happy to answer any questions and be part of Sonia’s recovery.

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